The Riffe Homes Difference

Legacy of Commitment

Jim Riffe’s family has been building homes, creating communities and taking care of customers for over 50 years in greater Kansas City.

For more than twenty years, Jim has carried on a tradition of quality design and workmanship that spans three generations. The tradition builds on five decades of commitment to an industry, a community and its homeowners.

“Taking care of customers is what my family has done since the mid 50s. It’s what I’ve always known and it’s what I believe in.” He said.

By age 11, Jim was out on job sites stacking bricks and mowing lawns. He went on to receive an engineering degree from KU and an MBA in finance from MU. After working as an engineer, he gravitated back to what he loves best…building homes for families.


As an experienced builder/developer, Jim balances innovative design with a timeless sense of style in the creation of your new home. He has seen materials and processes come and go, and he knows what works.

“Homebuilding is a dynamic industry. There are hundreds of details in any home that the average customer doesn’t see. Most of these take very little extra effort but can become real headaches if they aren’t handled properly.”

Riffe Communities include Nottingham at St. Andrews, and The Villas of White Horse and Woodland Shores. In fact, Woodland Shores, Lee’s Summit’s premier lakeshore community was named one of the best communities in Missouri. His homes and communities have received numerous local and national awards throughout the exclusive communities of southern Johnson County and Lee’s Summit.

In fact, Riffe Homes can be found in eighty different communities.

“Jim is best when he is engaging with customers in the design and construction of their new home. Of all the builders I have worked with over the years, he shines as one of the most creative, knowledgeable and committed to the end product,” Rocky Hembre, marketing representative for The Woods of Colton Lake said.

Kansas City is a true “custom home” market, according to Jim. Upper bracket homes are complex in design and craftsmanship.

“This is where years of experience and knowledge really play out. You have to balance the latest thing with what is proven to stand the test of time,” Riffe said.

Solid Track Record

While customer service is critical, buyers should look for a builder/developer with an unwavering reputation among suppliers and subcontractors. For over 50 years, Jim’s family has maintained a solid financial ground with a strong standing among generations of Kansas City’s suppliers and subcontractors.

“Sometimes it’s hard to imagine that through all the presidents, wars and decades of change; my family has been right here in southern Kansas City building relationships with local customers and suppliers. That history just becomes part of who you are,” Riffe said.

Most of Jim’s subcontracting partners have been with him at least 15 years. Many of them are the sons and grandsons of craftsmen who worked with Jim’s Father, Hank Riffe and his grandfather Winston Thompson.

Standard of Excellence

Jim knows how to communicate your unique vision to the craftsmen who build your home. And they understand the mark of excellence that he expects throughout every stage of the homebuilding process.

“I know what materials to use and which ones to avoid. Going the extra mile in the beginning, will help avoid problems down the road. And in the rare instance when problems do crop up…I’m not going anywhere. I’m going to be there to be sure my customers are taken care of,” Riffe said.

Jim can take your ideas and turn them into the perfect home designed with the perfect site in mind. Commitment to detail penetrates every aspect of the design and building process.

From beginning to end, the Riffe home team partners with you to create a home that is the ideal fit for your unique lifestyle.

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